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STS Technical Service Pte Ltd (STS) is a one-stop technical service company that helps companies develop, implement and maintain Quality Management Systems.

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Training is highly beneficial to organizations and employees resulting in better customer service, work safety and productivity and lowering employee turnover.
Training Services

Training Courses

STS offers training courses to enhance quality and technical related knowledge. All of our courses are conducted by qualified and competent STS staff members or third-party training professionals with specific credentials applicable to his/her field of study.

  • STS courses are not associated with API-U, STS produces high quality course content to meet the unique needs of both the industry and the customer, taught by subject matter experts who have the most up to date knowledge (API and other industry standards) to save our customers time and money.
  • Customers receive STS’s “Certificate of Completion” with the number of training hours noted, there are currently no specific training certification standards required for the API Q1, Q2 or Internal Auditor Training programs.

STS offers its training courses customized to fit the specific customer’s needs based on industry requirements. Courses can be taught at STS headquarters or onsite at the customer location.

STS offers Online Classes. Fulfill the requirements of your industry and/or company at your own speed within your own timeline.

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Blk 18 Sin Ming Lane, #02-10, Midview City Singapore 573960
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