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STS Technical Service Pte Ltd (STS) is a one-stop technical service company that helps companies develop, implement and maintain Quality Management Systems.

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Our STS qualified specialists have decades of experience in number of different engineering desciplines that allow our customer to work closely with us and redesign and re-develop products and so on.

Api Engineering

API Engineering Design & Development

STS have world class design tools, extensive experience in the heavy engineering sector and can offer a full range of engineering services including design, diagnostics, FMEA, project management, owners engineer, expert witness, manufacturing support, condition monitoring and site services. Our customers come from a range of different industries and applications including: • Oil & gas industry • Power generation • Marine propulsion applications • Hydro power applications • Wind Energy Sector • Capital equipment OEMs • Rolling Mill • Cement Industry • Chemical Industry • Sugar Industry • Paper Mills • Extruder Drive

We employ a large team of skilled and experienced mechanical and electrical engineers, design draughtsmen, mechanical and electrical designers and metallurgists who can provide you with expert technical advice on your engineering problems. By working closely with our customers and manufacturing partners we are able to assess our customers’ needs and design, specify, test and deliver individual components and whole projects from start to finish.

Our skilled team can assist in one-off projects and provide everything from CAD designs and FE-modelling to design reviews, in-depth failure analysis and re-design of components.

Through reverse engineering we can design replacement components, re-engineer existing components, as well as produce complete replacements for obsolete equipment while ensuring the new equipment is compatible with the existing system. We study the existing material, including chemical analysis if required, and create an up to date equivalent product, guaranteed to meet the requirements of the application

Tooling for the steel industry
Forgings (large shafts, endcaps and varous open die forged components
Ferrous and Non ferrous cast and machined components.
Fabricated steel component.

Finite Element Analysis: We have a team of design engineers who are experienced in the use of finite element analysis systems (FEA) using ANSYS Workbench 14.5, across a range of analysis disciplines including: electromagnetic, mechanical, fatigue, flow and thermal analysis.

Computer Aided Design (CAD): Computer Aided Design (CAD) modelling and drafting, using Creo Elements Direct Drafting 18.1, Direct Modelling 2.0, and Creo Parametric 2.0 (including animation package).

We can produce models and technical drawings to aid production of components and assemblies; we can use our parametric software to constrain assemblies to test assembly functionality, ensuring that they perform as required.

We utilise a large range of high-specification design & analysis software, including the following:

• 6 seats of Creo Elements Direct Drafting 18.1
• 6 seats of Creo Elements Direct Modelling 2.0
• 1 seat of Creo Parametric 2.0 (Inc. animation)

Our software is very interactive with other modelling and drafting software, and as such we can accept many file formats including: .dxf, .dwg, . step, .iges, .catia, .pdf

Rotor Dynamics, Bearing design and Torsional Analysis – 2 Seats of ARMD Software and various in-house mechanical design packages.

Electromagnetic Design Software – We have the ability to design all types of electrical machines from a blank piece of paper and model the steady state and transient performance.

Excitation System design – Capability to carry out full excitation system design including PMG, exciter and diode fuse ratings

Gear Box Design Software – Full suite of gearbox design software.

Foundation Loading – Steady state and transient.

Heat Exchanger Design – Air and water cooled heat exchanger design.

We can manage the entire manufacturing process of tools, components, assemblies, machines etc. throughout all stages of their production. We have dedicated production & project managers who ensure that production is achieved to the required standards & and that the project is completed within the required timescales.

  1. On & Offsite Technical Support
  2. Gearbox design & development
  3. Design and optimisation of electrical machines
  4. Wind, tidal and solar power solutions

In this webinar, we will discuss key challenges facing industrial machinery manufacturers and their need to build smarter machines. To address these, manufacturers need to integrate key development aspects such as requirements management, configuration management, change and cost management as well as project management. There is also a need to more effectively define and manage the complex requirements needed early in the design phase, as well as integrate electronics and software into the design. At Siemens Digital Industries Software, we believe that Advanced Machine Engineering can help you address these needs.

In addition to reviewing the Advanced Machine Engineering solution, we will also discuss a recent customer success in partnering with Siemens Digital Industries Software.

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